About Our Shop






Established by owner Stephanie Villalobos in 2008.

She would begin this unique journey in the midst of the resurgence of the Austin Psych Rock scene, and fittingly, in connection to Levitation Fest (formerly Austin Psych Fest). As she began building relationships with fellow artists and creatives, her influence would inevitably pioneer much of the style of the scene during that time and in turn shaped the overall direction that Laced would take.

Her experiences growing up in Houston, TX through the mid 90s would also heavily influence the sense of community and inclusivity found within Laced, she remembers that the different countercultures and subcultures had too few numbers to exist solely within their own circles. This in turn created a convergence of fringe scenes, a community made up of Goth, Punk, Industrial, Mod, Rocker, Queer, and Art kids. A motley crew in its truest form. The culture of Laced today is a culmination of these mixed ideologies. An empathetic space for open minds, where all are welcome.

For Stephanie, Laced is a space that is in constant creative evolution intended to reach all of your 6 senses. A place not only for you to find unique items to adorn your body, but that of a space to expand your mind.


“Where your light self and your shadow self meet and fall in L.O.V.”

Life Of Vice was initially formed in collaboration with Laced With Romance owner Stephanie Villalobos and her life partner Alexis Ramirez as a line of leather garments and accessories. Both being creatives, Alexis a musician and Stephanie a designer, they sought something they would create together. L.O.V draws inspiration from underground bondage scenes, with designs that provide an accessibility to the everyday kink. Now, L.O.V has expanded to all aspects of our in-house production, from its leather roots to our illustrious hand dyed silk pieces.

As of 2019, our noted in-house line Dust & Drag was formally rebranded as Life Of Vice